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  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Spinning a wheel for success seems very easy, but would you know everything about roulette right from the start? We bet you don't. Therefore, here at online-casino-nz we have invested some of our valuable time to create some good guides for yoo. They help you to find the right games for your temper and for your purse. Obviously some of the strategies for this game are made for the rich rather than the working class. But with us you learn more about how to pick the games that really pay off and how to judge your chances at the virtual roulette tables. Kiwi gamblers may long have been waiting for this chance, but now it has come. So, make the most out of it and get started right away by letting the ball fly into the wheel and hopefully the right pocket.

  • Learn about the main characteristics and specifications of Roulette online
  • Roulette online with real money explained in simple fashion

That Blaise Pascal was a brilliant mathematician is not quite everything you need to know about him. Pascal was also the guy who invented roulette as a game. Yet, you may not always have to blame him for your losses, just because he invented a game that you may not have cracked yet. These days, roulette is being played in two major variations. One is the classic version, also known as French or European Roulette. The other one - would you have guessed it - is called the American Roulette. The key difference between them is just one extra pocket in the American version. Said version has not only a "0" field that belongs to the dealer, but also a "00". This increases the house edge, which works in favour of the casino.

Apart from this detail, the games work the same. If you want to bet with your own money, these are all aspects that you would need to know. Now, for your own comfort, it is also worth telling you that generally there are two ways these games can be set up in an online casino. One of those is the way of the video game. There you would not necessarily get to see a wheel, let alone a dealer. You just click on your anticipated outcome, an inside, outside or a neighbors bet. Then you cross your finger, hope for the best - and maybe you have won. But there are also so-called live games, where a proper dealer will throw the little ball into the wheel and call "Rien ne va plus!". At least in the French version he will do so.

  1. Major variations: American and European/French Roulette
  2. Different set-ups: Video games or live casino

The live casino is currently the most trending area in many casino online. It gives you an experience that comes close to what you could see and feel in a land-based casino. Some operators go even further than simple live games. They have come up with immersive solutions that allow you to use your VR goggles and thus to sit down right on a casino table. At least when you wear your goggles this may seem so. Even interactions on the table with other players are far from impossible these days. Some of the main aspects about visiting a casino are thus covered. You get to feel the excitement of playing real money games and at the same time you get a chance to mix with other people. Why suit up with a tie and blazer if you can do this everywhere in the world?

Of course a particular casino can not do much about the layout of a roulette game. Also the pay structure is given beforehand. Casinos obtain the software for the roulette games on their offer from dedicated developers who know exactly what the customers want. Some developers have even found a niche with particular games. One example is Evolution Gaming, which is very well know these days as probably the best provider of iGaming solutions for live casinos. The best operators count on a number of different software providers or developers. That way they can make sure that they are offering a broad choice of different games. Also the choice of roulette games becomes better and better if casino operators depend on several developers rather than just the one. But in the end it is all down to you to make it fun for yourself.