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The Venice Mootney Co. Scouting venues cross-country

---- Glenn Hopkins and ---
The Venice Mootney Theatre presents

MRS. ROOSEVELT by Glenn Hopkins

Synopsis of Mrs. Roosevelt (click here)

Click here to download a copy of Mrs Roosevelt screenplay by Glenn Hopkins.
-This version includes author name within the document.  Eleanor Roosevelt Glenn Hopkins

"A familiar figure on the Los Angles theatre scene,
Glenn Hopkins has written over twenty plays
melodramatic and hilarious, brash and sensitive,
frustrating yet ultimately rewarding. Hopkins writes
from the heart, exploring human verities as well
as human foibles. His integrity and purpose
shine through" -- Drama-Logue

Hopkins ' writing for the stage has been:
worthwhile." -- The Daily Bruin

"infused with lyric imagery..."
-- The Hollywood Reporter

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See the one act script or the full screenplay

Glenn Hopkins -- 46 seconds on Jay Leno

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Ben Swets

homophobia still #1 reason u.s. teen suicide. Don't buy. Ask library to.                           
CONTACT Ernest Harding, Co-Publisher  (310) 478-7379
                Donatello Press
Slim Volume

Heartfelt, whimsical, tough writings framed in a personal journal, Labor Day, 2004 through Easter, 2005 
by Glenn Hopkins
Philadelphia, PA –   Xlibris in cooperation with Donatello Press is pleased to announce the publication of Slim Volume,  Trade Paperback;  219 pages; 978-1-4363-4870-6
Cloth Hardback;  217 pages; 978-1-4363-4871-3

Bisexual Los Angeles playwright, Green Party activist, muck-raker, educator, Methodist and “Radical Faerie” Glenn Hopkins struts his stuff in a memoir first started in Austin, Texas forty years ago.

Explosively controversial research on the deliberate origin of AIDS, loving tributes to his father and mentors Ernst Bulova, Ray Bradbury, and Mort Sahl, songs, poems, play excerpts, lovingly 'outing' a U.S. First Lady Mrs. Roosevelt (a one-woman 30 minute play now also available in French, Spanish, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, and Czech and the basis of a new feature film, the first to be made from Hopkins two dozen plays,  Mrs. Roosevelt ) ...all this comes to the reader along with politics and fervent prayer within the framework of a real-time journal kept from Labor Day, 2004 to Easter Sunday, 2005.   
The quick-witted, but sentimental avante-guarde memoir features several alternative beginnings, yet gets its work done in 219 pages.  You'll probably feel like Gerry Gardner of radio KCME, who said in her broadcast review of Hopkins' internationalist play ...all in the same boat in 1989: 

 "...moments of genius...I can't stop thinking about it!"

         Hopkins’ writing for the stage has been:

“outrageous...refreshing... intriguing... important...worthwhile.”

                                                                                                                     The Daily Bruin



ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-4870-6
ISBN13 (HB) 978-1-4363-4871-3

CALL  1-888 798-4274

We are seeking reviews, reissue, use of excerpts, orders, entrance to competitions, sale of movie rights.

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Glenn Hopkins, L.A. Red Carpet Award Winner, 2005

"Glenn Hopkins is an American Original .  Names like Johnny Appleseed,  Woody Guthrie,   Will Geer,  and Walt Whitman come to mind."             --Backstage West

"A familiar figure on the Los Angles theatre scene,  Glenn Hopkins has written over twenty plays melodramatic and hilarious, brash and sensitive,  frustrating yet ultimately rewarding.Hopkins writes from the heart, exploring human verities as well as human foibles.  His integrity and purpose shine through"

Hopkins' writing for the stage has been:

"outrageous...refreshing...intriguing...important...worthwhile."  ---The Daily Bruin

"infused with lyricimagery..."  ---The Hollywood Reporter

"gorged with ideas...admittedly wild...a literary volcano"  ---Cleve Herman,  KFWB                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


The Mootney Company in the Community

1976 Founded .  For The U.S. bicentennial:  Aint This It?
           a family is torn apart by the American Revolution

surrogates  (premier at Venice Methodist)
Our Mission Statement: "to shed light on the human condition"

1977 Emptiness (now called CIRCUS  SHRINK)
taped by UCLA Theta Committee under Shirley Clarke

1979 The waning Labor Movement is given a "banquet play"
DINOSAUR (also published by The  California. Theatre Council)

surrogates  David Hillbrand's U.C. Berkeley Production

ICA, London reading :: surrogates

Dramatist's Guild Grant

1980   N o t    J o b,  Chandler Hall,  Church in Ocean Park
L.A. torn by quakes; to argue with God is better than no relationship

1981 Charms  by Wayne Lindberg, Church in Ocean Park

1982, The Complex, Hollywood.  Inspired by "Radical Faeries"
The Adventures of Robin Hood Narrated by Quentin Crisp

1983,"Robin" again at Church in Ocean Park

1984 Geodome barnraising for the 300 block of Market Street and

Residency,  McDaniel College's co-production :  C O L O N Y ;
for the (800-seat) Venice Pavilion Revitalization:
          the first lunar C O L O N Y remembers the mother planet

Jazz/Rally against Corporations Paying No Taxes

For The Committee to Monitor Poppers (banning the disco drug)
1986,   W H I T E    B R E A D    (three theatres,  8 months)
Draamalogue Award, Best  New Play

1987 LGBT March on Washington, Sylvan Theatre, Washington.Monument Grounds:
The Adventures of Robin Hood Narrated by Quentin Crisp

1989  Networking and Opening Circle for the Tongva Springs Community
University High School Campus

For Stoner Park Mural Refurbishment:
:The 60's // thesuffragette-teens, the 80's// the 20's;  homage to Jewish Progressives
Animal Husbandry 1917-1929

by permission of John Updike, for OPICA and MAHOOD senior centers
taped  for KPFK at The Ivar Theatre The Poorhouse Fair

Site-specific musical for the Uni/Tongva Springs (still opposed by LAUSD)
The Tears of Saint Monica

The World Health Organization Smallpox-shot scandal exposed in
all in the same boat !
Stoner Park; Uni. Community Adult School 1996-8

M E A T readings, Venice UMC,  Dramatists' Guild, NYC, Baltimore Thtr.Festival
Zionist genocide's and homophobia's Biblical roots
Premier run benefits affordable senior/homeless fam. housing, Santa Monica UMC :
M E A T, 1998-
via A&BB Foundation grant, 2003

Residency,  The Woodstock Guild  produces: Three Made Only of Clay

M A R K   AND   B  A R B A R A   F R O G
3 years in the making; First production, Masquer's Cabaret, 2003

MRS. ROOSEVELT, Three Made Only of Clay
Readings around the country benefit the Green Party campaigns, including in W.L.A.

MRS. ROOSEVELT  (in Czech)  Prague, 2004
In Spanish, Korean, English and Farsi simultaneously, gathering after for songs
Westside Community Adult School, 2005

Red Carpet Award and State Senate Commendation 2005
For outstanding contribution to theatre in California

Commissioned playlet for Christmas Eve, 2005
"Okay, Mary, Seriously.  Who's the father?"
Church in Ocean Park

and currently through stories and improvisation with Asians from all over L.A.
S o u t h    L a k e    G a r d e n
(first readings in early September)

contact:  Ernest Harding (310) 478-7379; (310) 430-9559

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